[HOW-TO] How to enable Malayalam Inscript Keyboard to start typing in Malayalam in Ubuntu 12.04 / Ubuntu 12.10

The Inscript Keyboard is one of the 'de facto' standards for Typing in Malayalam on Linux.

You can use the following steps to configure and enable easy and professional Malayalam Typing capability on your Ubuntu 12.04 / 12.10 desktop:

Click on the Ubuntu Dash Icon (the top-most icon in your Unity Dashbar) that is by default found towards the left end of your desktop),

When the Dash shows up, type in the following search string: "Keyboard Layout", and click on the icon that shows up in the search results.

In the Keyboard Layout window that opens up, Click on the '+' button to add a new layout.

From the 'Choose a Layout' box, select 'Malayalam', and click on the 'Add' button.

Now you can close the Keyboard Layout window.

Now, a Keyboard Layout Selector icon will show up on the top-bar, near to the system clock.

The icon will be showing your currently active layout ('en' for US-English; 'ml' for Inscript Malayalam).

You can now choose between your layout by just selecting from the icon's dropdown menu.

Note: This works best if you have an Inscript Malayalam keyboard - you can use Inscript Malayalam Keyboard Stickers if you don't have one. Click here to read how.


Thanks anto...it helped a lot

Hi Anto,

I tried to setup my system as per ur instruction. Im using 12.10. I can type malayalam in all application and softwares except google chrome. I cant type malaalam in google search or any other website in chrome. But i can copy paste from Text editor. Is there any changes to made.. help me.. If u can please giv me ur phone number too...


Hi Anoop,

I'll try my best to help you out on this.

Normally Chrome shouldn't need any specific change to be made to use the existing global input method. I am not sure as to why this is happening there. Could you please try the same after starting Chrome in Incognito Mode (by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N once you have opened up the normal Chrome window, and let me know what happens then?


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