Why, my dear Government, are we trying to hide the "India's Daughter" documentary from our public?

This documentary is such an important message to the whole of India.
Why then, my dear Government, are we trying to hide it from the eyes and ears of our public?

This crime charge is not just upon those rapists. It is also upon the way we failed, as a society, to educate them into men who knew how to treat women.
Let us not be afraid to face our worst crimes.

Let us watch, listen, ponder, share and teach ourselves the history of this crime and every other.

Let us make and spread more documentaries like this, about the impact each of our crimes has on well being of our society.

Whatever be their motive, let us not just try to shun anyone who tries to make this point heard. Let us Listen.

Let us Educate ourselves.

Only then shall we Understand, as a society, why we need to Change.

Only then shall we Grow, to outgrow the evils that have trenched deep into our roots.

Only then, shall we progress to become more of a Society worth living and dying for.


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And to those who worry too much about who is doing the shouting, this is what I got to say:

Well, whatever be their motive, we, as a society, should have the courage to face our worst fears - one of those being getting reminded of the truth that we, as a society, failed to give these men the right attitude towards our women.

We do not grow by hiding our / our society's wrongdoings.
Knowing and accepting the crimes that we did, is the first step towards changing ourselves into better human beings, and a better society.

Not defending the government's decision but one thing to consider is that giving perpetrators an opportunity to appear on camera and express themselves has been shown to encourage other perpetrators.

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