Making use of Drush to save time as a Drupal Site Builder / Themer / Developer / DevOps

Drush can be one of the nicest tools to have, when you want to speed up quite a lot of your daily Drupal operations.

Here are some of the usages I've come across, for Drupal 7:

Clearing cache:

# clear all caches
drush cc all

# rebuild caches
drush cr

Download and enable modules:

# download module modulename
drush dl modulename

# enable a downloaded module
drush en modulename

# to skip the Yes or No confirmation questions:
drush -y en modulename

Downloading and enabling themes:

# download a theme
drush dl themename

# enabling a theme
drush en themename

# setting an enabled theme as default
drush vset theme_default themename

# setting an enabled theme as the admin theme
drush vset admin_theme themename

# list all installed themes
drush pm-list --type=theme

# show the current themes
drush status theme

Generating dummy content and users using Devel module:

# Download and enable Devel module
drush -y en devel 

# Enable Devel Generate submodule
drush -y en devel_generate

# Generate 50 random nodes, with up to 10 comments each
drush generate-content 50 10

# Generate 20 random users
drush generate-users 20

Export and Import databases:

# export DB to a backup file
drush sql-dump > filename.sql

# import DB from a backup file
drush sql-cli < filename.sql

# delete all data in your DB:
drush sql-drop

Taking a full site backup:

# create a drush archive (code+files+DB)
drush archive-dump

Importing and Exporting site configuration (using Features module):

# Assuming you use Features site wide for Content Types, Contexts, Views...
# Revert all enabled features by overriding current DB config with the features code
drush features-revert-all

# Update all feature modules code based on your current DB config
drush features-update-all

Running updates:

# run all available updates
drush up


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