How to install/set up an Android Development Environment on Ubuntu (12.04 Precise / 13.04 Raring / 13.10 Saucy) / LinuxMint (13 / 14 / 15 Olivia / 16 Petra), and get started with learning the basics of app development by creating your first app

1. First, follow the steps on the following URL to make your Ubuntu / LinuxMint machine ready for configuration as an Android development rig:

2. Then go to,
and from the menu on top, navigate to
Develop > Tools > Developer Tools > Download.

You will reach the URL (navigate as listed above, dont just click this URL - you'll need to navigate through that site for ever),
and download the ADT bundle (Eclipse + the android sdk pre-configured) listed there,
by clicking on the button labelled 'Android SDK - ADT Bundle for ...'.

3. Navigate to the following:
Develop > Tools > Developer Tools > Download > Setting Up the ADT Bundle, and follow the instructions to get the bundle running for you.

It summarizes the action points to something like:
Extract this bundle into a new folder named something like 'android-dev' in your home (/home/username) folder.

4. Now click on the 'Building your First App' link on the same page, and follow the instructions in that lesson,
which includes the following sub-sections:
a) Creating an Android Project
b) Running Your Application
c) Building a Simple User Interface
d) Starting Another Activity.

Go through all these, never skipping a line of text, and you will have the very best of the basics from the best of the tutors on Android Development - Google.

Happy Coding!


Great help for those who are looking to start-up with app development for android platform on their Ubuntu system.
I like the way you penned down the process step-by-step with real simple write-up.

Joseph Schneider

Very helpful for developers who are begining their development. Very simple to follow and implement specially for people trying in Ubuntu system

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